Speaking engagements and Basel

I’ve been preparing for the 2018 Santa Fe Symposium in May.  I’m very excited (and a bit nervous) to be speaking there as it is much more technical based than art based.  Now I am trying to get some great photos and video footage for my presentation.

I have also booked my room and badge for Basel World in March 2018. Basel World is quite a lot of Swatch Group, with some independents, but also, gems to buy, tools to look at and samples galore. The early bird gets the worm.  I’ve never been there for the entire time.  I find the 1-2 days I am there are exhausting, we will see how I hold out for a week.

I am currently looking into going down to Geneva for SIHH this January and meeting up with old acquaintances, and of course meeting new people and seeing the new products out for 2018. This show is much like Basel World, but is mostly Richemont Group and some independents (well, the best that I know).

I have a presentation in March, I believe the 15th, at the Espace Horloger to present the occupation of guillocheur.  I will be talking about traditional methods and new revelations coming about in the metier.  Stay tuned!



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