no news is good news

I have been away from the atelier the last 2 months working on a project with one of the factories here in the Vallée.  I’ve been sneaking in nights and some weekends but have been largely away.  I am currently exploring quilting patterns in conjunction with guilloché and am happy with how this experiment is going.  Once I get a finished piece or two, I’ll have photos up on my instagram @atelierguilloche.  I will be heading up to Pforzheim (finally) to visit with a guilloché colleague, and see what innovative things are happening there, and photograph lots for my SFS presentation in May.

I will be out of the studio for almost the entire month of May, so I may not be posting too many photos during that time, just a heads up!

It is still snowing like crazy here and I am anxious to get out on the lake for some paddle boarding training, but that may have to wait a few weeks, as I have quite a few cow expos lined up this month! Never a dull moment!

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