Guilloché Initiative

Hello everyone!
It’s been too long since I have posted, please excuse me.

I have been working on a Guilloché Initiative where for a reduced fee, I create flat plates of a guilloché in a variety of patterns or one, your choice, on fine silver, Argentium, brass, copper, nickel or gold, and shipping them out to the buyer to do with as they please.  I have already shipped 3 large plates, and can’t wait to see what it created.

I started this project because I am only one person with so many ideas that I don’t think I will ever be able to try them all, and every time I do something new, yet another idea pops up. So, by “collaborating” with jewelers, watchmakers, and other individuals, I can get guilloché out into the hands of people who may not have access to the machines, and interesting interpretations will hopefully abound!

I am still taking limited clients for dial and pen making as before, but am tapering off on that front.  If you have some small projects in mind please do contact me and we can discuss it.

I have recently started a new series of geometric (and statement worthy) rings, so sign up for my Instagram here to stay up to date.


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