Missing in Action

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while. We had some weeks of mini-vacations, family visits, family trips and so on. But since we’ve been back, I’ve been helping prepare the farm for winter, moving animals to inside residences and yet, we’ve still got this great almost summer weather happening.

I’ve been working on some new snazzy ideas as well, combining guilloché and enameling in a new way, and need to go pick up some enamels from Italy (where a friend is holding them).

I’m also working on the class offerings for next year, and that should be up by mid November. 2019 will have less offerings, and private studies on a case by case basis because this year I tried to do too much!

I am also looking into jewelry shows (ACC, SOFA, JCK, and some on my side of the world as well). I am busy building up a stock for these and that will take time! I would like to gain more exposure through real-time relations as I am really not a social-media maven (yet).

2019 has me speaking at the Santa Fe Symposium (registration can be found here  ) where I will discuss some enameling and technology marriages. If you’ve never been to the Santa Fe Symposium (it’s in Albuquerque) you should go. Last year I presented and I learned SO much and went home with so much inspiration to get back into my studio and make.

Have fun out there and stay inspired!

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