I am currently at the Christmas Market in Yverdon-les-Bains

I am in Yverdon at the Christmas Market, trying my hand at explaining guilloché in all it’s magnificence to the masses. I am also here early enough in the day (2pm-8pm Monday through Thursday, 2pm- 10pm Friday, 10am- 10pm Saturday and 10am-7pm Sunday) not counting the 1 hour one way trip to get here every day. So, I am taking advantage and updating my website and trying in vain to add a buy now button, which I am clearly unsuccessful at doing. So, for now, if you would like to purchase something from me, contact me and if the item is available, I will send you an electronic bill (can do for the US or Europe only as of now) and you just click the link on the bill and magic happens, I get money, you get beautiful jewelry and we are all happy!

On a side note, I visited a friend in Certaldo, Italy and she brought me some liquid brushable enamels and I have been experimenting with exactly what I wanted to do with them. These samples are really finely cut lines, but I am thinking of cutting deeper and almost 3 times wider then doing this. What do y’all think, yes, no, maybe???



and here is what inspired this (maybe) nonsensery!

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