I am currently at the Christmas Market in Yverdon-les-Bains

I am in Yverdon at the Christmas Market, trying my hand at explaining guilloché in all it’s magnificence to the masses. I am also here early enough in the day (2pm-8pm Monday through Thursday, 2pm- 10pm Friday, 10am- 10pm Saturday and 10am-7pm Sunday) not counting the 1 hour one way trip to get here every day. So, I am taking advantage and updating my website and trying in vain to add a buy now button, which I am clearly unsuccessful at doing. So, for now, if you would like to purchase something from me, contact me and if the item is available, I will send you an electronic bill (can do for the US or Europe only as of now) and you just click the link on the bill and magic happens, I get money, you get beautiful jewelry and we are all happy!

On a side note, I visited a friend in Certaldo, Italy and she brought me some liquid brushable enamels and I have been experimenting with exactly what I wanted to do with them. These samples are really finely cut lines, but I am thinking of cutting deeper and almost 3 times wider then doing this. What do y’all think, yes, no, maybe???



and here is what inspired this (maybe) nonsensery!

Missing in Action

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while. We had some weeks of mini-vacations, family visits, family trips and so on. But since we’ve been back, I’ve been helping prepare the farm for winter, moving animals to inside residences and yet, we’ve still got this great almost summer weather happening.

I’ve been working on some new snazzy ideas as well, combining guilloché and enameling in a new way, and need to go pick up some enamels from Italy (where a friend is holding them).

I’m also working on the class offerings for next year, and that should be up by mid November. 2019 will have less offerings, and private studies on a case by case basis because this year I tried to do too much!

I am also looking into jewelry shows (ACC, SOFA, JCK, and some on my side of the world as well). I am busy building up a stock for these and that will take time! I would like to gain more exposure through real-time relations as I am really not a social-media maven (yet).

2019 has me speaking at the Santa Fe Symposium (registration can be found here  ) where I will discuss some enameling and technology marriages. If you’ve never been to the Santa Fe Symposium (it’s in Albuquerque) you should go. Last year I presented and I learned SO much and went home with so much inspiration to get back into my studio and make.

Have fun out there and stay inspired!

Guilloché Initiative

Hello everyone!
It’s been too long since I have posted, please excuse me.

I have been working on a Guilloché Initiative where for a reduced fee, I create flat plates of a guilloché in a variety of patterns or one, your choice, on fine silver, Argentium, brass, copper, nickel or gold, and shipping them out to the buyer to do with as they please.  I have already shipped 3 large plates, and can’t wait to see what it created.

I started this project because I am only one person with so many ideas that I don’t think I will ever be able to try them all, and every time I do something new, yet another idea pops up. So, by “collaborating” with jewelers, watchmakers, and other individuals, I can get guilloché out into the hands of people who may not have access to the machines, and interesting interpretations will hopefully abound!

I am still taking limited clients for dial and pen making as before, but am tapering off on that front.  If you have some small projects in mind please do contact me and we can discuss it.

I have recently started a new series of geometric (and statement worthy) rings, so sign up for my Instagram here to stay up to date.


Buying options

Hi All!
I have been struggling for the last 9 months to add some way to accept payments on my website (thanks wordpress) and of course, my bank won’t link to Paypal because there are a ton of problems and so forth with Paypal in Switzerland. SO, I do have Square so I can send an invoice direct to the purchaser and accept US Dollars (so mostly for US buyers) and I have SUMup the Swiss version, so I could also send an invoice. For now, that’s how buying through me directly will have to be!

Thanks for your patience and your interest!

no news is good news

I have been away from the atelier the last 2 months working on a project with one of the factories here in the Vallée.  I’ve been sneaking in nights and some weekends but have been largely away.  I am currently exploring quilting patterns in conjunction with guilloché and am happy with how this experiment is going.  Once I get a finished piece or two, I’ll have photos up on my instagram @atelierguilloche.  I will be heading up to Pforzheim (finally) to visit with a guilloché colleague, and see what innovative things are happening there, and photograph lots for my SFS presentation in May.

I will be out of the studio for almost the entire month of May, so I may not be posting too many photos during that time, just a heads up!

It is still snowing like crazy here and I am anxious to get out on the lake for some paddle boarding training, but that may have to wait a few weeks, as I have quite a few cow expos lined up this month! Never a dull moment!

New Tab for classes and workshops

Hi All! I have a new tab for classes and workshops up on my site! Feel free to check back periodically as it is in progress and should have info in the next week!
Happy weekend and skiing or paddling or just doing!

Happy New year all!

I have been in the atelier just chugging away, fixing some machine bits, waiting on others for ages to arrive from the UK (so I have the parts I need to finish up my Lienhard Straight Line), and sending off an unused kiln and enamels to an acquaintance in Italy who is just getting up and running!

I think for this year I will be in the studio a little bit less, and taking on a few more “other” jobs and tasks to fill some of my time, but I will still be there (especially weekends) for custom orders and to fill my gallery orders.

This years brings lots of great speaking opportunities.  I will be speaking at the Espace Horloger in Le Sentier (Switzerland) on the 15th of March, talking about guilloché and patterning. Then from the 6-8th of April, I think I will be participating (waiting on final confirmation) in the Journée Européen des Metiers d’Arts (Swiss Romande) where people will be coming to discover my atelier and listen to me speak a bit about good ole’ guilloché. Then it’s to Albuquerque, New Mexico in May (20-23) to speak about guilloché at the Santa Fe Symposium, which I feel super excited about. Other engagements are in the works and this year I will really be pushing my book to sell out, and move on to other professional projects.

If you don’t already follow me, check out my Instagram here . I will be doing a project describing and making videos on how to use a perlage/circular graining and geneva waves machine (with guilloché type rosettes), which seems to be of great interest to most people right now.  I will be putting up videos on new patterns, machine restoration and more, so please feel free to join me on this adventure!



So, free shipping to anywhere until the 10th of December!!! I’ve just finished up 15 pair of “dangle”earrings, photos coming super soon! 

Speaking engagements and Basel

I’ve been preparing for the 2018 Santa Fe Symposium in May.  I’m very excited (and a bit nervous) to be speaking there as it is much more technical based than art based.  Now I am trying to get some great photos and video footage for my presentation.

I have also booked my room and badge for Basel World in March 2018. Basel World is quite a lot of Swatch Group, with some independents, but also, gems to buy, tools to look at and samples galore. The early bird gets the worm.  I’ve never been there for the entire time.  I find the 1-2 days I am there are exhausting, we will see how I hold out for a week.

I am currently looking into going down to Geneva for SIHH this January and meeting up with old acquaintances, and of course meeting new people and seeing the new products out for 2018. This show is much like Basel World, but is mostly Richemont Group and some independents (well, the best that I know).

I have a presentation in March, I believe the 15th, at the Espace Horloger to present the occupation of guillocheur.  I will be talking about traditional methods and new revelations coming about in the metier.  Stay tuned!



working on accepting online payments

I have been using a payment type called Sum Up, basically Square Up but for Europe.  I can swipe, chip read, tap etc. for in person payments, but am having trouble for online payments.  Paypal is corrupt here in Switzerland, go figure.

So, I have learned that I can add a payment/checkout button using my platform, but I need to find someone to help me with API and like 10 minutes of HTML (included already, but I know jewelry and guilloché, not internet and website!)

Stay tuned if you are interested in purchasing any products online, or watch my events calendar to see where I will be in the coming months!

Back at it

I’ve been back since the 9th of October, then had a friend come visit from t he 13th to 20th, and so, have actually been back in the studio since the 20th.  Lots to come, working on 22 production style bracelets, (a Bonny Doon bracelet former would be handy about now), all different, and all fun to do!

My earrings are finished and available, I’ve got 12 total, 3 of each design in 24k yellow gold, rose gold, and rhodium.

I am also getting ready to install my work for sale in a case at the Espace Horloger, a museum here in the Vallée de Joux where I often give guided tours in English.

They are released!

I’ve been working on a new technique (I’ve never seen it and it takes ages), that I am calling My Fractal Series.  Take a look, the website (as always) is updated with more images and pay buttons to come as I photograph the slew of new pieces.  Please feel free to share my site if you think anyone you know might also be interested! And remember, if you order by midnight EST on the 21st of September, Free SHIPPING to the U.S.